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Classes starts on July 17-21, 2024 | 2-4PM Online

Struggling with accounting?
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Poor accounting practices can distort the reality of your company’s fiscal health. In severe cases, repeated accounting mistakes and bad accounting practices can lead your business toward insolvency or company administration.

The Consequences of a Lack of Accounting Knowledge in Business

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Improve Financial Literacy

A non-accountant who undergoes accounting training will have a better understanding of financial statements and financial terminology.

Better Decision-Making

By understanding the financial implications of decisions, non-accountants who take accounting training can make better business decisions.

Improved Business Performance

Accounting training for non-accountants can help identify areas of financial inefficiency and take corrective measures to improve overall business performance.

Accurate Record-Keeping

Accounting training for non-accountants can help to maintain accurate financial records, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and legal requirements.

Effective Communication

Non-accountants who undergo accounting training can communicate more effectively with accounting professionals, leading to better collaboration and decision-making.

Competitive Advantage

Having a basic understanding of accounting can give non-accountants a competitive advantage in the job market as it is highly desirable skill in almost any industry.


Accounting for Non-Accountants

This course is designed to provide non-accountants with the basic knowledge and understanding of accounting principles, concepts, and practices necessary for them to function effectively in a business environment. The purpose of this course is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions when managing financial records, budgets, and financial statements, as well as understanding the importance of good financial management practices.



This is a 5 sessions course that will include both theory and practical application. The course is designed to be interactive, with case studies, exercises, and discussions.

SelF Paced Study

Online Learning

Collaborative learning


Who Should Take This Course?



Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand basic accounting concepts to better manage their finances.



Individuals who are planning to start a business and need to know how to keep track of their finances.


Non-financial professionals

Non-financial professionals who want to learn the basics of accounting to help them make better business decisions.


Preparing For A New Career

Individuals who want to improve their career prospects by acquiring accounting knowledge.


College Students

College students studying business or finance who want to supplement their curriculum with practical accounting knowledge.


Anyone Who Has Interest

Anyone who has an interest in learning about accounting and wants to develop a better understanding of financial statements, debits and credits, and other basic accounting principles.

Some of Our happy customers


We value our customers’ feedback, which is why we provide a platform for them to share their honest opinions about our courses.

Codey Buenaventura

Fortune Tobacco Corp.


I found the Accounting for Non-Accountant training incredibly valuable. The content was presented clearly and concisely, and I came away with a much better understanding of financial statements and bookkeeping procedures.

Eren dela Cruz

First Gas Power Corp.


As someone who is new to the world of accounting, I found this training to be a great introduction. It covered all the basics and gave me a solid foundation to build on

Emanuel Olivar

Supervalue, Inc.


The instructor was engaging and knowledgeable, and the course materials were well-organized and easy to follow. I’d recommend this training to anyone who needs to get up to speed on accounting principles quickly.

Romeo De Veyra

Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc.


I appreciated that this training went beyond just the technical aspects of accounting and also touched on how financial information is used to make business decisions. It was a well-rounded course

Shirley Tungpalan

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Phil's. Corp.


I’ve taken several accounting courses in the past, but this one was particularly effective. The instructor did a great job of breaking down complex concepts into simple terms.

Judith Castro

Universal Robina Corp.


I feel much more confident in my ability to read and analyze financial statements after completing this training. The hands-on exercises were especially helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Accounting for Non-Accountant training is a specialized program designed to provide non-financial professionals with a basic understanding of accounting principles, financial statements, and financial reporting.

Professionals outside the finance and accounting field who lack a basic understanding of accounting principles or anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about accounting can benefit from this course.

The course covers various accounting topics, including financial statements, the accounting equation, double-entry accounting, and financial statement analysis.

The duration of the program is ideally good for five (5) sessions for full time learning. However, EAA recognizes the change in the way learning is done and so we have made combined self paced study with online instructor led training and collaborative learning. For this reason, total duration will vary on the student.

Yes, online training is an option at some institutions. Check with your provider to see if online training is available.

Yes, EAA will give you a certificate upon completion of all assessments and evaluation.

You will pay 100 USD or its equivalent in other currencies for EAA’s Accounting for Non Accountants training.

Yes, the knowledge you gain from the Accounting for Non-Accountants training will be beneficial in your job, and in your business especially in the area of finances, budgeting, or any activities related to accounting.

Generally, there are no prerequisites as this is a basic course. However, it’s helpful to have basic knowledge of math and financial terminology.

Take control of your finances and make informed business decisions by signing up for our Accounting for Non-Accountants training today!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused by your business finances? Do you wish you could speak the language of numbers and confidently manage your financial statements? Look no further! Our Accounting for Non-Accountants training is designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals like you understand the basics of accounting and financial management. We will teach you the fundamental principles of accounting, including how to read financial statements, interpret key ratios, and understand budgets. Our expert instructors will guide you through real-life scenarios, ensuring that you develop practical skills that can be applied in your daily operations. By the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of financial concepts and be equipped to make informed business decisions. Don’t let your finances hold you back! Sign up for our Accounting for Non-Accountant training today and take control of your financial future.

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