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Bookkeeping Course Classroom

Why take this course?

This short course caters for people who want a good grounding in bookkeeping and the production of basic financial statements as well as anyone who wants to proceed to professional qualifications as bookkeepers. After taking this course, you’ll gain practical skills in Excel spreadsheets and double-entry bookkeeping, both manual and computerized, as well as knowledge and understanding of the essential principles, concepts, ethics and limitations that underpin bookkeeping, tax and accounting. You will also learn how to set-up accounts in Quickbooks and some of its tools and functions.

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Fantastic Career

If you are considering a career in accounting, bookkeeping jobs are a great way to gain experience and insight before pursuing a degree beyond the associate level. You will learn managerial skills and gain insight into nearly every aspect of business operation just by mastering bookkeeping in a small company.

A skilled bookkeeper often functions as a key manager, with more operational influence than you could expect to find elsewhere without a higher degree.

Plentiful Jobs

Bookkeeping jobs are demanding and stressful at times, but they are also very rewarding.  Especially in smaller but growing businesses you have the opportunity to have a significant impact.

Below are the possible jobs you could get into:

✓ Accounts Receivable
✓ Accounts Payable
✓ Customer Service
✓ Purchasing
✓ General Ledger Maintenance
✓ Maintain Bank Accounts
✓ Payroll
✓ Benefits Admin
✓ Billing and Collection

What you could get from EAA after taking this course?

  • EAA Certificate
  • EAA Transcript of Records
  • TESDA Certificate
  • FREE Review in preparation for the TESDA NC3 Examination
  • FREE Access to EAA’S Crebit

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